Comprehensive solutions for factories and commercial buildings to manage Power Factor.
Electricity Cost Savings. Guaranteed.
Analyze your bill

    How Powerbot Works

    Install Powerbot Analyzer at your foctory
    Electrical data analysed to design optimum Filter
    Powerbot Filter installed at your factory
    Realize Savings

    Save Up To 30% In
    Electricity Costs

    Two out five factories are overpaying for electricity due to low power factor and harmonics. Powerbot provided best in class solutions to optimize power quality and reduce energy costs.

    Data based design that
    work every single time

    Each Powerbot filter is customized based on electrical data collected from your factory. They work smoothly every single time. That’s why our filters always come with 100% money back guarantee.

    24x7 Guaranteed Performance

    Performance of filters at 500+ sites is continuously monitored by the Powerbot IoT system. In case of any issue, we address it even before the customer is aware of it.

    Critical alerts on WhatsApp

    With Powerbot taking care of power quality, you can rest assured. For anything requiring your attention, Powerbot sends alerts on WhatsApp to the concerned person.
    Our Statistics
    We Deliver
    900 MW+