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Frequently Asked Questions
Does it require any electricity meter or other equipment?
In Basic Free Plan, Powerbot does not require any hardware. You can get started immediately by sharing your basic biling detials. We will analyze your bills and get back with estimated savings you can make on your electricity
Can I use it form my home?
Residential energy consumption can never be left out from any discussion on energy efficiency. Powerbot for home is still under development and we hope to launch this service in near future. We would love to hear your expectations as a homeowner from Energybot.
I am outside Maharashtra, can I use Powerbot?
Our solution is fully developed for consumers of MSEDCL. We are continuously working on integrating other utilities. If you are located outside Maharashtra, please get in touch with us to know how you can use Powerbot.
Can you guarantee savings in electricity bill?
Well, that’s difficult to commit unless we know more about you. Let’s put it this way, till date we have visited more than 1000 consumers and have always found ways in which each of them can save on electricity bill. We invite you to start with our Basic Plan which is completely free.
Where is the data stored?
All the data on Powerbot is stored on cloud servers with several backup provisions.
How does Powerbot save electricity consumption?
People say information is wealth today. Powerbot is a perfect illustration of that. Energybot will tell you exactly what you need to do to start saving on your energy expenses today and how to increase energy efficiency in the future. Some of the suggested actions are practically free while some require capital investment.
We have installed rooftop solar PV system, how can we use Powerbot?
Congratulations for taking a big step towards environmental sustainability. Powerbot has special features for monitoring performance of your rooftop solar PV system. Besides giving you net metering data, it will also give you advanced suggestions for making the most out of your rooftop solar PV system. Having already invested in a solar PV system, subscribing to Energybot will be small step which will have substantial returns.
What type of data does Powerbot collect?
Powerbot only collects values of parameters that affect your billing. These are the parameters also measured by the meter installed by your electricity provider.