How Powerbot Works

Install Powerbot Analyzer at your foctory
Electrical data analysed to design optimum Filter
Powerbot Filter installed at your factory
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Powerbot Smart Analyzer

Data is at the core of our engineering processes. This data comes from the Powerbot Smart Analyzer installed at your factory. Measures more than 100 electrical parameters and sends the data over GSM/WiFi network for further processing.

Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC)

Power Factor of a factory directly affects the cost of electricity. 40% factories in India have low Power Factor and are being penalised by electricity providers. Automatic Power Factor Control Panels (APFC/RTPFC) is the most widely used way of managing Power Factor in industries. It is suitable when the majority electrical load is induction motors.

Static Variable Generator

Some industrial applications like welding, pressing, or forging have a dynamic load pattern and require advanced solutions for managing Power Factor. Static Variable Generator is an advanced inverter-based solution with response time of less than 100ms. It compensates reactive power on each phase independently for two phase loads like welding.

Active Harmonic Filters

Harmonics are critical for power quality. Apart from lowering power factor, they also affect the life of electrical equipment within factories. They are generated by equipment like VFDs, UPS, DC Motors. IEEE standards specify allowable limits on harmonics for various types of consumers and electricity providers in India now require industries to follow these norms.

Hybrid Solutions

Some industries have mixed loads and require a mix of APFC, SVG, and AHF. This optimizer technical performance while ensuring good return on investment.
Powerbot is in the best position to design optimum hybrid solutions after analysing operating data collected by Powerbot Smart Analyzer.