A Stone Crusher Industry in Talegaon, Pune used to face the issue of burning motors every couple of months. No amount of effort was able to arrest this issue. However, since installing Motor Protector, they haven’t faced a single issue of motor burning.
But they are not alone, more than 450 industrial units are benefitting from the solutions provided by our company, Powerbot.
Usually, to avoid motors from burning, people use MCBs or Overload Relays.
Motor Protector is the world’s first smart motor protection device. It checks motor health in real-time and only trips when necessary. Its smart overload relay gives you enough warning to reduce the load so that you can act in time and avoid production loss.
And protect motors from
1. Star Delta Transition Issues
2. Overloading
3. Single Phasing
4. Voltage Imbalance
5. Shorting of windings
To know more, Watch this short video