How a manager at a wheels plant reduced electricity bills by 6 lacs?

A state of the art auto ancillary manufacturing unit started operations in 2019 near Pune, Maharashtra. As per the latest norms, Multifunction Energy Meters were installed on each distribution panel. However, the readings were noted manually once in every shift of operation.

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As the billing methods changed in April 2020, the management noticed rise in per unit cost of electricity. Powerbot was installed to record detailed data. A single Powerbot started collecting data from 11 energy meters. When energy meters are already in place, Powerbot can be deployed within an hour without requiring shutdown.

Low power factor below 0.9 noted within 2 days. Further monitoring showed that PF is above 0.97 on most of these days but suddenly goes down below 0.8 and remains there for few hours. The problem was easily traced to tripping Automatic Power Factor Control Panel (APFC) due to overheating.

Before installation of Powerbot, tripped APFC would be noticed only during manual inspection by shift in charge. With automated notifications now the concerned person is informed immediately.

Powerbot delivered savings of Rs. 6 lac within a month.

Within a month of installation Powerbot saved the company at least Rs 6 lac by providing timely alerts. In due course, APFC panel was redesigned to avoid frequent tripping.

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