This is a case study of an auto-ancillary industry based in Aurangabad. The key figures related to electricity consumption were as below  
Month May
Energy Consumption 2,89,000 kWh
Power Factor 0.936
Average unit cost Rs. 11.16 per kWh

A Powerbot monitoring system was installed here to analyse the electrical data and design a solution for improving the Power Factor.

It was concluded that to compensate for fluctuating nature of the load, a Static VAR Generator needs to be deployed. However, there was one more practical challenge in implementing the selected solution.


The Challenge

The distance between HT and LT panels is 120m and existing HT CTs did not support signal transmission over that distance. Replacing these CTs would require a large investment as well as a shutdown on the HT side.


Powerbot Solution

Powerbot implemented a unique solution to address the above challenge. Instead of transmitting analogue signals of CTs over 120m, Powerbot units installed on HT and LT sides communicated using digital RS485 communication. Powerbot has also implemented wireless communication for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) to enable control over several km.



Powerbot is consistently achieving a Power Factor of 0.995+ on the HT side. This has brought down the energy cost by 6% and enabled savings of Rs. 2,20,000 per month for the client. All the investment will pay back in less than 3 months!

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