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23 Sep, 2022
Posted by Anand
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Why is there a static var generator (SVG) in solar plants? What is the need of SVG?

Solar cell plants produce direct current. The electric grid and all connected appliances use alternating current, thanks to a Westinghouse engineer genius named Steinmetz. There are 2 components of alternating current, active (watts) and reactive (vars). Purely resistive loads like filament light bulbs and resistance heaters do not need or produce reactive power. The voltage rises in perfect time with the current. But electric motors have the voltage rising and falling out of step with the current. That is why capacitors are added to the system to supply that reactive power without loading the generator and transformers below the capacitors.

The dc power provided from the solar panel goes through a device called an inverter to be converted to ac. Stopping the flow of the reactive power to the inverter by some form of variable and controllable capacitor increases the power and efficiency of the inverter.

The SVG Static Var Generator is an electronic reactive power compensation system, for both capacitive and inductive power. It has the same operating principle as an active filter; the SVG injects a current in the opposite direction to counteract the installation’s non-useful power (inductive and capacitive), thus ensuring that the target cosϕ is achieved.

√ Compesation without stages,Instant compensaton.

√ Modular design

√ Designed for harsh weather conditions.

√ Operations under distorted voltage conditions.

√ Optimum design.

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