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21 Jul, 2022
Posted by Anand
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What are the methods for power factor improvement?

Low power factor in a system arises from unavoidable inductive loads consisting of lighting fixtures, motors, transformers, electromagnets etc. The way to improve power factor and go for better utilization of generation and distribution facilities involves the following— 

  • Use of more efficient motors with high power factor.
  • Select optimum sizes of equipment/ motors. They have high power factor at optimum loads.
  • Connect capacitors of suitable rating across motor terminals.
  • Energy efficient lighting plus separate capacitors for lighting load
  • Use shunt capacitors/ KVAR panels / APFC panels
  • Capacitors with all welding machines
  • Capacitors/ APFC panels at substation
  • FACTS systems st suitable locations .
  • Series capacitors in transmission lines
  • Use of synchronous generators to provide leading currents

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