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05 Sep, 2022
Posted by Anand
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Why do motors burn out?

Electric motors , wear out due to the long usage. Wear and tear takes place for the bearings and its housing. Needs replacement of the new bearings, and sometimes housings where bearings sits need to fill up the material and get it grounded /machining. This problem can be analysed by seeing the performance of the motor by checking the abnormal sound and heat on the body of the motor.

Apart from this other repairs are to be carried out regularly pertaining to the Armature, Rotor, and stator windings, and preventive maintenance to be carried out periodically, to avoid major repairs.

Motor Protector is the world first smart motor protection device.

It checks motor health in real-time and only trips when necessary.Its smart overload relay gives you enough warning to reduce the load so that you can act in time and avoid production loss.


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